Ghana eCommerce Expo

Join the Dynamic 2017 Speaking Faculty


OML Africa is accepting proposals for the 4th Ghana eCommerce Expo and exhibition. This is the official call for papers for speakers to submit proposals for conference and workshop presentations. For consideration, please email with the following information:

▪ Proposed speaker name, title, short bio - 150 words max – please do not send us your CV) 
▪ Contact information including Company name (if applicable),mobile number and e-mail 
▪ Proposed title of presentation 
▪ Brief overview of the presentation (1 brief paragraph plus 3-4 bullets that illustrate the session learning take-aways- Word limit 300 words max) 
▪ Font: times new roman, Font size: 11 Presentations will be selected on the basis of relevance to the event and the learning value

The broad areas to be addressed (but not limited to) at the conference are as follows: 


·         Online Browsing & In-Store Behaviour-Getting Your Strategy Right

·         Why Good Warehouse Management is Important to Online Retailers and Customers

·         Shifting eCommerce Trends All Retailers Must Know Online

·         Revolutionizing the eCommerce Supply Chain-Linking Top Class Partners


·         Mobile Money v Mobile Banking

·         Defining the Future of Digital Banking

·         The Role of Regulators in a Digital Age

·         Accelerating the Role of Fintech in Bringing Financial Inclusion to the Non-Banked


·         Blockchain-All You Need to Know

·         Adopting Blockchain Technology as a Tool for Business Transformation

·         The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payments


·         Mobile Commerce & Millenials-The Next Step in the Online Shopping Evolution

·         Fostering the Growth of Mobile StartUps in Ghana

·         Finding Business Success on Google Play

·         Apps With Social Impact-Changing Ghana for Good


·         Cyber Fraud-Detection, Response and Recovery for the Digital Enterprise


·         Redefining Your Marketing Strategy for Tomorrow’s Customer

·         How to Grow Online Sales & Win Market Share


·         The Last Mile-The Impact on Customer Acquisition and Retention

Please note that commercial product or service promotion will not be permitted in the main conference programme. Companies can book presentations separately for this purpose. Sponsors will have the opportunity to chair key sessions/workshops and deliver product presentations during the conference as agreed.

Dates for your Diary

29th September, 2017 : Closing date for call for papers 
6th  October 2017: Speaker’s selection deadline and communications to authors regarding the approval of proposed submissions