Ghana eCommerce Expo

The Conference

The Ghana eCommerce conference focuses on each and every aspect of online marketing, customer buying habits online or in-store, online payments and security, internet and mobile commerce, customer relationship and many other insightful, real life and thought provoking topics. The objective of this conference is the sharing of essential knowledge, skills and insights used by big brands and leading companies to do effective business.

It will help the attendees to experience and discover the detail view-point over the use of the social media and mobile marketing attract new customers and maintain relationship with loyal customers locally and abroad by expert talks.

It will be made up of:

  • Conferences: presentations from major brands and industry experts
  • Industry Best Practices from the sector's experts discussing on Ghana’s e-commerce industry’s growth and major challenges.
  • Keynote Sessions: Industry Experts share the vision, experience and knowledge over numerous important topics of the sector.

Workshops/ Sessions will be the recommendations and possible solutions provided by the leading brands of the industry

Who to Attend?

Directors of eCommerce, Heads of eBanking, Heads of Digital Banking, Providers of Online Payments,Digital Marketers, Website Content Builders, Software and App Developers, Owners of eCommerce Websites, Heads of Mobile Financial Services,Owners of Businesses, CEOs, Managing Directors, Country Managers, Heads of Sales and Marketing, etc


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"Come and learn how to foil online security threats that can save your company millions"